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Casa de Leda is the newest addition to Kali Hotels. Its luxurious and relaxing spa complements each room's unique and grand style.

First owned by a wealthy family of Santa Marta's golden age, the original house where Casa de Leda sits dates back to the late 19th century. While most of that house no longer stands, we salvaged its original fluted columns, facade, and floor tiling. In this remodeling, as with Casa de Isabella, we consistently chose classical style, maintaining the building's original integrity whenever possible.

With Casa de Leda, we proudly present a full service boutique hotel and spa. Spacious rooms under vaulted ceilings give way to open bathrooms with plenty of natural light. The open terrace, flanked by cascades of green vines and equipped with a cooling mist system, overlooks the Santa Marta Cathedral. Each room includes an aromatherapy kit, and some have in-room hot tubs. Flat screen TVs in every room have media players with music stations and video libraries. We also provide free WiFi, international calling, and breakfast cooked-to-order.