Fusing the beauty of the past with the technology of the future, Kali Hotels highlight Colombia’s warmth and style.

Situated in the historic city of Santa Marta and Tayrona National Park, these boutique hotels not only provide the comfort of home, but the enchantment of a tropical paradise. The Kogi Indians of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta are one of the last truly indigenous tribes of the world. Never conquered by the Spanish, they retreated into the canyons and glaciers of the world’s highest coastal mountain range. In their language, “Kali” is the Tree of Life.
By adopting the name Kali, we strive to bring together the indigenous roots of our surroundings with our paramount respect for the natural world and our commitment to preserving the area’s traditional culture.

Certificates of Excellence

Casa de Leda

Casa de Isabella

Villa Maria Tayrona

Cl. 18 # 4 – 38, Santa Marta. Colombia
Tel: +57(5) 422-1302
Cel: +57 315-6719476

Km. 34 Troncal del Caribe
Vereda Los Cocos, Santa Marta. Colombia
Tel: +57(5) 431-2082
Cel: +57 316-2578885
Cel: +57 310-3255536

Cra 2 # 19 – 20, Santa Marta. Colombia
Tel: +57(5) 431-2082
Cel: +57 318-3580652

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